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oh yeah, Africa... [monday 31306 at 1:00am]

So, I recently went to a 30STM concert. Excellent time was had as they put on a lively show. Was totally blown away by Matt's ability to continue playing despite having nearly amputated his finger. Another source of wonder was Jared's wardrobe choice: black shirt, priest collar, and black Fall Out Boy cap.

I think it has something to do with concealing his weight loss after filming the Mark Chapman movie. You know he gained 60lbs for that role with the help of a nutrionist, and now he's trying to fast it all off. Amazing. That's so, disgustingly unhealthy that I just can't...wow. Anyway, with the black fabric you couldn't see Jared's body when he sweated (as when wearing white).

Got to go to the autograph signing afterwards, my account of which has led almost everyone thus far to believe that Jared was high.

Or is he really just that way?Collapse )

And no, I don't recall if his eyes were red or dilated.

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